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Welcome to Contractor Safety 24-7

Contractor Safety 24-7, the newest, innovative “green program” available to resolve the question……Do the contractors and subcontractors you engage, provide every reasonable precaution for the safety of workers? From this interactive website, the Hiring Firms sets the program requirements. Contractors/Subcontractors and Suppliers answer the required questions, provide documentation and prove that they know the hazards to be faced and how to prevent those hazards from causing injury or damage.

Our Services:

  • Systems 24-7
  • MOL Certification
  • Audits
  • Contractor Safety 24-7
  • Licensee Program

Systems 24-7

Systems 24-7 is a suite of programs that fit all of your Company’s needs. Whether Health & Safety, Human Resource or Environmental issues are your concerns we have the tools. Compliance made easy. Systems 24-7 is a web-based managed program designed to provide all the tools, training and tracking needed for your due diligence defense. Mitigate your business and personal liability through a comprehensive managed program available worldwide.

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MOL Certification

Every employer in Ontario with 20 or more regularly employed workers is required to have a Joint Health and Safety Committee. On every committee there must be a minimum of two Certified Members, one from Management and one Worker. Certification has two parts, Level I and Level II.

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Customized Audits / Visits

By client request, we will customize an audit visit. In previous years we have performed a variety of workplace audits that are a combination of physical components, program documentation verification and specific company policy validation.

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Contractor Safety 24-7

Contractor Safety 24-7 ensures that all contractors and suppliers to your Company are compliant to your Provincial Health & Safety Legislation, Regulations and Standards. This program gives “peace of mind” to Companies; those who are working on projects, buildings and our workplaces are competent in Health and Safety; thus minimizing risk, preventing injuries and mitigating your Company’s liability.

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Licensee Program

Are you a marketer? Do you love sales? We have something just for you! Systems 24-7 is a suite of programs that can be licensed. The Licensee is permitted to market and sell usage of the on-line Systems 24-7 Program to support your clients or customers. Call Dunk & Associates to find out if this opportunity to you 1-866-754-8839.

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